DUSA Scholarships
Welcome to DUSA Continuing Education Award and High School Scholarships


DUSA West Point awards college-bound high school students who demonstrate excellence in character, academics, and community service. We look forward to receiving your application!

  • Must be a graduating high school senior
  • Must be a child or legal dependent of an active duty, retired, or deceased U.S. military service member whose family resides at West Point or within a 35 mile radius of West Point at the time the scholarship is awarded (June 2024). Students must possess a current dependent ID card.
  • Minimum Cumulative 2.5 or higher


DUSA West Point awards continuing education awards to those who are seeking to update their professional qualifications, complete a degree program, or enhance their career.

  • Must be currently enrolled at an accredited college or university, credentialed professional development program, or professional licensing course or training for Fall 2024
  • Must not have received a 2024 DUSA High School Scholarship
  • Must be member of good standing with the West Point Chapter of  DUSA and paid the respective school year annual membership dues prior to November 1, 2024, or within 30 days of arrival at West Point
  • Served a minimum of 5 volunteer hours in support of your local community during the previous 6 months
  • Awards are not tax-deductible